Pay in Stores

Pay your favorite local establishments with Emerald Wallet

Pay with QR Code

Use Emerald Wallet to make contactless payments with QR codes. No need to look for cash or your bank card. Just scan the QR code and type in amount, it’s as simple as that.

How to Pay with QR Code

  1. Purchase products or services at a shop that accepts payment with Emerald Wallet;
  2. At the checkout, scan the shop’s QR code. The shop personnel can also scan the QR code on your phone. To do this, click the “Scan” button in the Emerald Wallet application and then click “Show to pay”;
  3. Confirm the payment method and purchase amount.

All Purchases Are Confidential

Every purchase made with Emerald Wallet is kept private. This means that the personnel of the store or cafe will never know your payment details.

Use Emerald Wallet Payment in Your Business